USC Cinematic Arts
No Boundaries. No Borders.
New Worlds.

5D Science of Fiction

USC Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles
October 24-26, 2014

Science of Fiction is the cutting-edge world building conference: an annual international collaboration with global thought leaders for the future of storytelling.

5D Institute is the leading world building collective. Our network of experts transcends boundaries between film, animation, fashion, gaming, theatre, television, music, architecture, science, interactive media, education and more, guiding multi-platform narratives from idea inception to design prototyping, making and finishing. Traversing the bleeding edge of innovation, 5D Institute has stimulated some of the most important and revolutionary discussions about the new media landscape and the future of storytelling.

5D Institute is empowering the next generation of storytellers with tools and skills to solve problems whimsically, metaphorically, emotionally and empirically, at multiple scales but always through a profoundly human lens.

This October we present and co-create a fictional city named Rilao. We will explore Rilao’s history, systems, cultures, tribes and stories. And through Rilao we will creatively and critically re-envision the near-future horizons of our own real-life cities and world.

Updates & ticket information will be posted here as they become available.


“There is nothing better than imagining other worlds … to forget the painful one we live in. At least so I thought then. I hadn’t yet realized that, imagining other worlds, you end up changing this one.”

– Umberto Eco, Baudolino, 2000

No Boundaries. No Borders.
New Worlds.