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The Science of Fiction is a cutting-edge world building festival: an annual international collaboration with global thought leaders for the future of storytelling.

THE SCIENCE OF FICTION 2014 will live in the city of RILAO, a world build based on a mash-up of the DNA of Los Angeles and Rio.

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Saturday, October 25th – 8:30am – 5:00pm, University of Southern California, Norris Hall

We invite you to join this renowned collective of scientists, artists, and poets in the act and art of this discovery. In this international one-day investigation, the future of media and culture will be looked at under a microscope, then through a telescope; we look at the infinitesimal of the present to look towards the infinite future. We will learn the city, and cities will learn from us. We can burgeon the city with your involvement, shape its growth. And by this collaborative process of engaging, exploring, and interpreting, we can build worlds. We dare see cities this way. We dare cities to see this way.

Monday, October 20th – 26th, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, SCI Lobby

The Space of Fiction is a weeklong interactive exhibit of Rilaoan multimedia artifacts that contextualize both the world of Rilao and the world building festival.

Friday, October 24th – 7:00pm – 9:00pm, Downtown Los Angeles, Location to be Revealed…

The Sound of Fiction is a live synchromedia event that presents a new form of LIVE immersion—CLUB CIRCULO—and visual music— THE SOUND AND VISION OF RILAO, one to be heard and seen. THIS IS A LIVE COLLABORATION: YOU MEDIATE US, OUR MEDIA. You stage the set. There is no audience. We are all participants. We collaborate, we deliver, we evolve the stage. Brought to you by the 5D Institute, [namethemachine], LA’s premiere music/tech designers, & the legendary Glen Matlock, & You, truly—

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